The Media Programme – Radio 1

The media programme, also known as The media show spoke about how Radio 1’s breakfast show has reported its lowest listening figures for 10 years, following Chris Moyles’ replacement by Nick Grimshaw. They also discussed how the new College of Policing has published guidelines on how the police should deal with journalists, and also why yahoo bought social networking site, tumblr. 

The main focus point was Radio 1 and its viewing figures. It has been recorded that the Radio 1 breakfast show has lost over a million listeners within the last year, whereas Radio 2’s viewing figures are getting higher and higher. Some will question, why is this?

Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper joined the show to speak about why he thought this was happening and why it has happened. Recently, the radio 1 breakfast show got rid of their presenter Chris Moyles and introduced Nick Grimshaw. Ben Cooper went on to say how every 10 years they change presenters, because the radio show needs to be ‘revamped’ and needs a change now and then. 

Secondly, Ben cooper has said that the audience that grew up with Chris Moyles needs to be let go, as they no longer will find the radio 1 breakfast show entertaining, as it is aimed at a younger audience, and they won’t exactly enjoy the change. Personally, I listen to radio 1’s breakfast show sometimes, and I do like Nick Grimshaw as a presenter. This is because he is a younger presenter and is funny and really understands what the young/teen audience wants.

Thirdly, it has shown that many young people don’t tend to listen to the radio anymore, and that’s the audience the radio breakfast show is targeted at. This is because many people can use the internet to get the latest news and music, and people can now download the music they want to listen too, and not worry about what the radio might play. This I can agree on, because I hardly do listen to the radio, and when I do it’s usually when I’m in the car getting a lift somewhere or when I’m in my room just chilling, but it’s not the first thing I would turn on.

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