Self driving cars

A lot of technological developments seem to mainly be focused on the car industry at the moment. This is because Nissan are hoping to introduce self driving cars by 2020. Can you imagine, just sitting back and relaxing and letting the car do the whole thing?

It’s not going to be easy to meet the goal by 2020, as there are a few things that need to be sorted. All the technology is ready and sorted, so what are the problems? Well the answer to that is Legal and insurance issues. It may be all fun, but who is to blame when a human is driving and a computer based car is driving? How are insurance companies going to insure a car without a human behind the wheel?

Lastly, how are we going to win over humans, to purchase a no control car? Over 53% of the american population said they wouldn’t buy a car that controls it’s self. However, when they see how safe and efficient they are, will they change their minds?

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